Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: Maggot Spawn - Conversion Done

The conversion of the flying Daemon Prince of Nurgle is done. After the skin was completed I continued with the carapace. At first I planned to put one big horn right above the head (and get rid of the small horns on the side) but after getting some really valuable feedback from a friend I went with the original design.
The carapace turned out rather clean as there was going to be a lot of details on the skin: details in pustules in different shapes and sizes, open wounds and maggots that crawl out of them. They way I imagine it, the Plague Prince is spawning the maggots, they drop to the ground feast on the corpses, grow and turn into Beast of Nurgle which eventually will become Plague Drones. That's what Nurgle is all about: The Circle of Life! As with the scared skin I also tried to keep the look of the Pustules in line with the ones from the Plague Ogryn Leader.
I played around with different trophies and trinkets but - as with the details on the carapace - stayed away from adding any as the skin was pretty noisy already. In the end I only went with a set of bells for the horns.
The Maggot Spawn is not ready for getting painting (the wings are just tagged using blue tag) which I will - along with building the base - do next. Can't wait to get the Plague Prince ready for the battlefield.




Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: Maggot Spawn - WIP

As I want to continue with a Nurgle arme, but not necessarily jumping right away back to a mono daemon army I decided to get my Plague Marines back on the tabletop (at least from a gaming perspective). In order to keep the daemons and the marines tied together nonetheless I started working on a Daemon Prince of Nurgle aka Maggot Spawn.

I used the Plague Ogryn Leader from Forgeworld as well as two Plague Drone bodies as basis for the conversion. The rest is greenstuff… a lot of it. I am currently working on the skin. Next will be the carapace. Something I am not completely sure about is additional details/extras. I thought about adding maggots and maybe even the flies that come with the Maggoth Lords kit. A bell also would be nice, but I am not sure where to hang it from… maybe also the carapace or the horns. Latter I eventually will remove as I would like to have a single big horn to extend from the carapace right above the head.

I already spend quite some time with this conversion and there is still a lot to do, but so far I really enjoy bringing the Maggot Spawn to life.