Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Modular City Terrain Boards - WIP: Paving Tiles

After I lost my miniatures case (it hasn’t been found/returned yet) my motivation to continue working on the Nurgle daemons was at the low point. I thought about not continuing with the army at all. But thanks to the great talks I had with various hobbyists in the GW store and online in the different communities I will carry on with the Carrion Cohort… just not right now. I am still hoping to get my army back and therefore I won’t start filling up the ranks right away. Also, I need some time to have the wounds healed.

Instead of working on daemons I spent the last two weeks with the modular game table. After I glued on the streets I started working on the actual terrain respectively the space where terrain pieces are going to be placed. It took a while to figure out the right size for the tiles (also in terms of what I actually can produce with my foam cutter)… and then it took even longer to get those tiles (around 500).

Gluing all those tiles on the boards also took some time and it also was a bit boring, but now, with the foundation in place I can start with the fun work: building hatches for the floor, building a water reservoir, building air shafts, weathering the tiles, adding rubble and destruction, etc… all those elements hopefully add variety and interesting spots/landmarks to the board. At the same time I want to build all the details in a way that I still can place terrain on top of it.

Sonntag, 2. November 2014

Rogue Daemon: The Corpse

Last week my local Games Workshop Store (Berlin 2) not only held the Armies on Parade competition, but also the Rogue Daemon painting challenge. Lars, the head honcho of the store organized it as there is no German Golden Daemon any more. I wasn't preparing something special just for this event, but brought my unit of Plaguebearers (40K Unit) and The Corpse, a Herald of Nurgle (40K Single Miniature).

There were great and truly inspiring entries, and I had a lot of great and heart warming talks with all the hobby enthusiasts in the store... about techniques, armies, background and all the other aspects that make this hobby so awesome. You can see all the miniatures of the Rogue Daemon here.

I was really surprised and delighted when I heard the The Corpse won first place in the 40K Single Miniature category!

I am super happy, at the same time I am (still) devastated as the case with the rest of my army is still lost.