Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

Spreading the Focus: Raven Guard Centurions and Land Speeder Storm

I am fiddling around with the Blight Drake for quite some time. Good thing is that I am getting there. The Underbelly is done and now I have to work on the upper carapace (to then do the detail work on the belly). Bad thing is my progress is slow... simply because I don't have that much time for the hobby at the moment. It is exhausting and because of that I had to do something else, something were I can have something done rather quickly to have the feeling to have something accomplished.
So I did a little break from the Blight Drake and worked on some support for my Raven Guard. I started building a Landspeeder Storm (the more Scouts the better) and Centurions. Even though I couldn't resist to some minor adjustments to the models - I am going to remove all heraldry, icons, purity seals etc. from my Raven Guard - I was able to put the miniatures together rather quickly. And it was a joy not to worry and wonder about how you are going to put something together or how to model it, but to just glue it in place and its done. The only thing I still have to do building wise is to magnetize the weapons of the Centurions... but this is going to be a different story. 

From now on I definite will work on two or three things in parallel to make sure to get some diversion. I always thought that this is bad, but with projects that drag along over weeks and months it is good and healthy and to be able to jump on something else to get some distraction and the feeling of having actually something accomplished.