Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Plaguebearers: Blood, Guts & Phlegm

In order to have a fresh and wet look for the open wounds and guts I applied glosh varnish and in addition some red color (Tamiya X-27); the X-27 is great for having an effect of fresh blood as it is translucent, thick and gets even more sticky when drying.

All the Plaguebearers have a lot of pustules, and some of them are bursted open. To get the dripping phlegm I used Vallejo Model Color Foundation White and (once the white was dry) GW Technical Color Nurgle's Rot.

My goal with the Plaguebearers was to get a unit table-ready as fast as possible without loosing myself with details (and waisting time). By adding all those additional effects I am not sure if I haven't overdone it. For one thing because now all the other Nurgle miniatures need the same details for consistency and for another thing the miniatures got more colorful than planned.

Plaguebearers: Varnishing

Varnishing was always a challenge for me as it never worked out as intended. Instead of having and even and dull coat it ended with having a blotchy and sometimes even a bit glossy coat most of the time. As a consequence I stopped varnishing my miniatures quite some time ago. After reading a couple of interesting hobby related articles I decided to give it another try with my Plaguebearers. What I did different this time:

1. Get the miniatures in line:  In the past I varnished (and primed) each miniature individually because I thought it is necessary to get the coat properly applied. Wrong! This time I have put them on a wooden strip with double-side adhesive tape. That saved time and varnish. 

2. Shake like hell: I am sure I did this in the past but after reading that the dull medium tends to deposit on the bottom of the spray can I made sure to give it some extra shakes.   

3. Speed up the drying: After evenly spraying the varnisher on the miniatures from all sides I took the hair blower and dried off the varnisher manually instead of sticking to the old fashioned air-drying. I got this tipp from an article in The White Dwarf magazine and the result was astonishing: an even dull coat on all miniatures.

Overall I applied two thin coats of Army Painter's anti shine matt varnish spray and the Plaguebearers should now be well protected not only from Bolter fire but also from clumsy hands and rough transports. Next step: taking care of blood, guts and phlegm. Once this is done the only thing that is missing is getting the bases done.