Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Herald of Nurgle: The Corpse - Painting done

I finally finished the The Corpse, the second Herald in my mono Nurgle army - he was done almost a week ago but I didn't come around to write an update for the blog.
The painting took some time, but I am happy with the result. Even the raven turned out the way I had hoped, even though the highlights and the strokes (feathers) could have been a bit brighter as they are barely visible. As with the base of the other Herald (the Cadaver) haven't added the water and leaves to the base as I will do this in one go with the next unit of Plague Bearers that is already work in progress (working with the two component epoxy I am using for the water effect is a mess and I won't open pandoras box for just two bases).
Also not done yet are the blood effects. I am going to wait there as well as I like the look of the wounds as they are to see how the other unit turns out. The first unit has blood, maybe too much and, depending on the look of the second group of Plague Bearers I might do some touch ups. 

2nd Supplement regarding Varnishing: The Corpse lost some contrast due to the varnish, especially the metal respectively rust isn't as crisp anymore. It still works, but I have to be a bit more careful in the future when it comes to varnishing metal (with rust). 

The pictures of the Herald are unfortunately a bit blurry and pixelated. This is due the fact that I dropped my camera and now have to use my 5 year old smart phone to get some pictures. I hope I can replace them soon with better quality images. 

Aside from the Herald I got a couple of other things moving forward the last two weeks. As said, the second unit of Plague Bearers is wip. This time it'S 14 +1 miniatures I am going to paint at the same time; +1 because the first squad only had 13 daemons, and as it's a Nurgle army every unit has to be seven respectivly a multiple of seven models strong. 
I also managed to sand of the boards (in the bathtub) for the modular city terrain. It was a mess and luckily I did it on a day when the missis wasn't around; I also used the iron to even out the protruding hard foam. No, she wouldn't have been happy.

Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Herald of Nurgle: The Corpse - Painting WIP: Bones, Leather and Wood

It has been almost five weeks since I had a paint brush in my fingers, but this weekend I had finally the time to get back to The Corpse, the second Herald in my Mono Nurgle Daemons of Chaos army. Little side note: Before I left for my business trip I modeled him a double chin with green stuff to make him look more chubby.
It was a rough start Friday evening as nothing really worked out the way it should be and I went to bed a bit frustrated. On Saturday a basically repainted everything I did and it turned out much, much better. My focus was on wooden parts (basically the handle of the flail), skulls and bones, the rope hanging from the horn and all leather stripes.

Next (most properly tonight) I will take care of the horns and the cloth pieces. I already painted the later with Pallid Wych Flesh as I want them look like they were white/beige-colored before they were touched by Nurgle. This will be a bit of a challenge as I never painted cloth that supposed to look worn out/run-down. I could go with black, grey or brown but I want a visual connection to the Death Guard that will support the Daemons from time to time, and their armor will be white... well, worn out/run-down white.

Once the horns and the cloth are done I can start re-touching the skin (along with all the pesky body fluids) and then, after this is complete, take care of the raven. I already have an idea how he should look like in the end, I am just not sure if I can pull it off.